September 17, 2016

Greg & Erika are engaged!


Greg and Erika are such a ‘cool’ couple, they are artistic and smart, with the subtlest touch of dry humour you have to hone in on to absorb.
We spent an early fall afternoon at an apple orchard/petting zoo/pumpkin patch/farm house/home-of-the-Rooster-King, laughing, picking apples and taking pictures. I may, or may not, have climbed an apple tree for some shots that just needed to happen.
The King Rooster sure made himself known in several quiet moments of cuddles and love between Erika and Greg. I think he was more than happy to get in front of the camera!
Some of my favourites:Greg & Erika Are Engaged-01Greg & Erika Are Engaged-02Greg & Erika Are Engaged-04Greg & Erika Are Engaged-08Greg & Erika Are Engaged-09Greg & Erika Are Engaged-12Greg & Erika Are Engaged-15Greg & Erika Are Engaged-18Greg & Erika Are Engaged-20Greg & Erika Are Engaged-21Greg & Erika Are Engaged-24Greg & Erika Are Engaged-27Greg & Erika Are Engaged-28Greg & Erika Are Engaged-32Greg & Erika Are Engaged-33Greg & Erika Are Engaged-34Greg & Erika Are Engaged-35Greg & Erika Are Engaged-36Greg & Erika Are Engaged-37Greg & Erika Are Engaged-42Greg & Erika Are Engaged-45Greg & Erika Are Engaged-48Greg & Erika Are Engaged-49Greg & Erika Are Engaged-50Greg & Erika Are Engaged-51Greg & Erika Are Engaged-54Greg & Erika Are Engaged-55Greg & Erika Are Engaged-57Greg & Erika Are Engaged-61Greg & Erika Are Engaged-63Greg & Erika Are Engaged-64Greg & Erika Are Engaged-66Greg & Erika Are Engaged-69Greg & Erika Are Engaged-70Greg & Erika Are Engaged-76Greg & Erika Are Engaged-78


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