July 18, 2016

Donna and Richard Engagement in Montreal


After Donna and Richard’s beautiful wedding day, I wanted to share the photos that started it all. We planned an epic engagement shoot in Montreal which showcased their creativity and love of fashion and architecture. It also involved roof-climbing (in heels in Donna’s case), graffiti painting, and getting a bit lost only a couple of times 😉

Since they used these photos as decor at their wedding, as to not ruin the surprise we have yet to share them and are excited to finally be able to!
Some of my favourites below:

01_001_Donna & Richard-00302_002_103_003_Donna & Richard-01404_004_Donna & Richard-04906_006_Donna & Richard-02807_007_Donna & Richard-02608_008_Donna & Richard-06109_009_Donna & Richard-05010_010_Donna & Richard-06011_011_Donna & Richard-05212_012_Donna & Richard-05413_013_Donna & Richard-03414_014_Donna & Richard-03915_015_Donna & Richard-01216_016_Donna & Richard-07017_017_Donna & Richard-07318_018_Donna & Richard-06919_Donna & Richard-09520_022_Donna & Richard-09621_019_Donna & Richard-08522_023_Donna & Richard-09723_027_Donna & Richard-11124_024_Donna & Richard-10226_021_Donna & Richard-08829_026_Donna & Richard-12030_028_Donna & Richard-12431_029_Donna & Richard-134




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